Sat, Aug. 17

bundle up

... it is not always so warm ... as I continue my attempt to organize the portfolio and delete images I came upon a series of photos that I shot during a beautiful winter storm a couple of years ago. This is the view from the north end of the runway and includes Wilson Mountain on the left and Oak Creek Canyon and Munds Canyon beyond that. It was a beautiful storm and thoughts of air conditioned air made one shiver. While it is July, can December really be all that far off?

We had a delightful weekend visiting with friends and relaxing. It was nice and another 30GB of images hit the bit bucket. After I get the aerial photos collected in their own specific folders there will be a wholesale deletion; only two more years of images to sort; then the landscape, wildlife and other categories to bring all like images together and delete all lesser images. Probably take most of the summer to finish, but worth it. Access to the best and the rest long gone.

So spend a few minutes in the snow and thusly refreshed enjoy and have a cool day; perhaps just be cool ... don't be offended if someone tells you to chill out, just enjoy the word image. Life is a joy and enormously fun.

Cheers and spread some of it today.