Sat, July 20

Camp Verde recall effort times out

CAMP VERDE - Camp Verde resident George Young says he has tossed in the towel in his effort to recall an unspecified number of Town Council members, following their decision to raise the Town's sales tax.

According to Young, he was advised by the Yavapai County Elections Department that even if he gathered all the necessary signatures, had opposition candidates in place and filed all the proper paperwork, he would not get on the November ballot.

"I was told there are certain time constraints -- you have so many days to do this and so many days to do that, and the people you are going to recall have a right to respond.

"I was told that calculating it from the day I called them, all the time requirements would take us out to March," said Young.

March also happens to be the month of the Town Council primary.

"It just didn't make any sense to go through all the motions," he said.

Instead, Young said, he and his committee would concentrate on finding candidates to run for council next year.

"We are going to work on trying to get some people to run against the council members that are up for election," said Young.

Four seats will be up in March including the ones held by Robin Whatley, Bob Kovacovich, Jackie Baker and newly appointed council member Jessie Jones. All four voted in favor of the tax increase.

Mayor Bob Burnside is also up for election, although he voted against the tax.

"The real problem was I was trying to do something for the community, I wasn't doing it for me," says Young. "When I started out I wasn't against the sales tax, I just felt it should go for a vote.

"But the more I got into this, and the more bitterness I saw coming from people who wouldn't know me if I rode over them in my electric cart, the more I came to see now why no one wants to run for office."