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1899 ATROCIOUS MURDERS: Dogs Requested; Sheriff Munds in Jerome July 15

"Sheriff Munds came to Jerome Friday night from his chase after the murderer of Rodgers and Wingfield. He came here for the purpose of sending to Williams and Flagstaff after some dogs to assist in the capture of the murderer."

"There was no doubt but that the man is still in the canyon if he has not stolen away, which is thought to be impossible without discovery by the watchers, as there are only two places where it is possible to leave the "box," and they as well as the entire country surrounding it are closely watched night and day. He was seen by two of the posse to slide from his horse and go into the canyon, the sheriff afterwards finding his horses. From the time he left his horses a very close watch has been kept."

"The sheriff says that it is now assured fact that the man is not Wade who was arrested in this county and acquitted on a charge of horse stealing, who committed the crime, but that it is a desperado known by the name of "Charlie," who has been in the Lower Verde and Mogollon country during the past six or eight weeks. There is no doubt but that this man "Charlie" is the person who did the shooting."

"John Steele, the kid who has been so eager to impress the belief that Oscar Wade was the murderer was arrested but has been released."

"Since the discovery that Wade was not the murderer the sheriff's office has issued another reward circular and the county supervisors have added another $250 which now makes the reward offered $500."

"Under Sheriff Johns was in Jerome Saturday."

"Four dogs arrived on the afternoon train Saturday and at 6 o'clock the sheriff was on his way back to the Clear Creek country where the murderer will be hunted until captured, or it is positively known that he has made his escape from his hiding place there."

(Jerome Mining News; July 17, 1899; page 3, columns 2-3.)

"AFTER THE MURDERER - Sheriff Munds arrived in Jerome Saturday night after a twelve days' chase after the murder of Wingfield and Rodgers. Sheriff Munds left a posse of eight men surrounding Quaking Ash brake in which they had located their man. The sheriff came to secure bloodhounds to put on the track. Lee Cutworth and John Cameron were arrested and sent to Flagstaff for complicity in the crime. They supplied the murderer with provisions. The theory that Wade committed the crime, the sheriff says, is wrong." (The Arizona Daily Orb; Bisbee; July 17, 1899; page 1.)

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