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"The Verde Valley is situated in Central Arizona, running nearly north and south, and is about 50 miles in length by 15 in width. It contains about 600,000 acres of land, half of which is susceptible to irrigation."

"CLIMATE: The extremes of heat and cold are not felt here, the thermometer ranging from almost zero in winter, to possibly 110 degrees in summer. Snow is scarcely ever found. It is a very healthy valley and many invalids come here from the East to recuperate their health."


"In this section we find E. L. Packard with a ranch of 12 acres, situated in the forks of Verde river and Sycamore creek.

The next in order is that of J. G. Duff, where hay and grain are raised. Mr. Duff has about 30 acres under cultivation and is interested in stock raising.

Antonio Bird has 30 acres here and raises hay and grain.

J. H, Muse raises on his pretty little farm of 12 acres, hay, grain and garden vegetables.

Wm. Ward owns an unimproved homestead of 15 acres in this part of the Valley.

W. H. Hawkins farm of 20 acres is next and here we find corn, potatoes, beans and vegetables grown.

The Leonard Carroll ranch raises hay, corn, beans, etc., and has a splendid orchard of peaches, apricots, and apples. This contains in all about 35 acres. Joseph Carroll has an unimproved homestead of 10 acres.

W. A. Jordan has a place of 25 acres, where he raises all kinds of vegetables and has a fine orchard of young trees started.

Thos. A. Hawkins, has a ditch almost completed on his ranch of 12 acres. When completed he will have a fine farm.

Hugh Brewer has an unimproved homestead of 40 acres, located near Peck's Lake.

Judge John Goodwin has a fine meadow of 160 acres on Peck's Lake which he uses as a pasture, and derives a good revenue from it.

The estate of Erastus Hawkins, near this is also used as a pasture. It contains about 160 acres.

The 45 acre farm of Mrs. H. M. Hawkins is the oldest on Upper Verde and here we find hay and grain raised, and a fine orchard. Mrs. Hawkins is also interested in stock raising.

John L. Munds owns 20 acres and cultivates hay and grain, and raises fine mules.

Mrs. M. G. Willard, has 14 acres under cultivation and raises hay, grain and vegetables, and has a splendid orchard. Mrs. Willard is postmistress at Cottonwood and owns a large brick residence which is quite an addition to this part of the valley.

A. L. Ricker, has an unimproved homestead of 15 acres in this section.

A. M. Strahan has 10 acres including a small orchard and raises hay, grain, vegetables, etc.

Mr. Marshall has 20 acres under cultivation, where he raises hay, grain, etc. He also has a small orchard.

J. H. Strahan, one of the most energetic farmers on the Verde comes next. He has a farm of about 20 acres.

Alex Strahan has a fine orchard and raises hay and grain on his 25 acres.

Dennis Hickey, on his farm of 80 acres, raises hay, grain and stock.

Godfrey Van Deren, has 50 acres in his farm, and raises hay and grain and has a fine orchard. He is interested in stock raising.

W. E. Van Deren, raises hay and has a small orchard on his 20 acre farm.

J. A. Van Deren is interested entirely in stock raising.

Caleb S. Davis has an improved homestead of 20 acres.

John McDonald cultivates 30 acres and raises hay and grain.

L. A. Willard's 50 acres contains a large orchard and besides that he raises hay, grain and livestock. R. R. Willard is interested in stock raising and raises hay and grain on his 30 acre farm.

Thos. Carroll, runs a store at Carrollton, and has a ranch of about sixty acres where he raises hay, grain and live stock.

Wm. Nichols owns 30 acres and raises hay and grain, and is interested in stock raising.

David Scott has a farm of 50 acres, 35 of which is farmed by R. A. Windes who cultivates hay and grain and raises vegetables and poultry. On this place of 50 acres there is a fine orchard.

John R. Mason has 40 acres in hay and grain.

G. W. Pattee has an unimproved homestead of 40 acres.

The people of Upper Verde have a very commodious, well furnished school house and the school has been taught for the last two terms by Miss E. R. Baker of Flagstaff."

(The Jerome Chronicle; Saturday, April 20, 1895.)

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