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1895: VERDE VALLEY AND ITS RESOURCES, 2; Oak Creek and Beaver Creek.

"The Verde Valley is situated in Central Arizona." ...

"PRODUCTIONS: All vegetables grow well. All the fruits of the temperate and sub-tropical climates can be raised very successfully. They do not ripen as early as those of Salt River valley, but there is always a good market found for all productions in the towns of Jerome, Prescott and Flagstaff."

"Wheat and other grains and grasses are profitably raised, but alfalfa is the most profitable, from four to six crops of which can be cut during the year, with an average yield of 6 tons to the acre. Some of the farmers use their alfalfa fields almost entirely for pasturage, and the fat sleek horses driven by the Verde farmers testify to the excellence of the feed."


"On Oak Creek, one of the tributaries of the Verde, we find the following farmers:

Jim Thompson, owning a small piece of about 10 acres where he raises potatoes.

John H. Lee, is a farmer and stock raiser and has about 20 acres under cultivation.

The next is the Schuerman ranch and vineyard of about 20 acres. Mr. Schuerman is in the wine business.

On Rube Houten's farm of 20 acres hay and grain are raised.

Jas. Page has a farm of 25 acres producing hay and grain, and has a fine orchard.

Wm. Gray has a farm of 30 acres and raises hay and grain.

Mrs. Jackson, a widow, has a farm of 20 acres here and is interested in the stock business.

Sam'l C. Dickinson, P. M. [Post Master] at this place, has a farm of 30 acres and raises hay and grain. He also has a large vineyard and makes some wine.

Jas. Muse has 20 acres of hay and grain land here.

Wm. Fain raises hay and grain on his 35 acres of farming land.

The Dickinson farm of 20 acres produces hay and grain.

Wm. Munds, a Jerome butcher, owns 15 acres of farming land on Spring creek.

The school at Upper Oak Creek is now taught by Mr. Geo. Contrell. The one at Lower Oak Creek was taught last term by Clark Hitt of Flagstaff."


"Beaver Creek, another tributary of the Verde, has many live farmers and stock raisers.

Riley Casner who owns a farm of 15 acres producing hay, grain and fruit.

S. S. Ackers, has a farm of 20 acres of hay but he is mainly interested in stock raising.

Wm. Clift owns a farm of 15 acres but like Mr. Ackers, is mainly interested in stock raising.

Mr. Fianey (sic.) has a farm of 30 acres and is interested in stock raising.

Mr. Hutchinson has a farm of ten acres in this section.

The school at Beaver creek, is taught by Miss Flora Wethersford, (sic.) formerly a teacher in the Flagstaff school."

(The Jerome Chronicle; Saturday, April 20, 1895.)

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