Tue, July 23

reality ...

... depends upon your perspective ... are you tied to earth, to humans, to your droid or iPhone? Or do you let your mind wander to the furthest regions of creation and wonder at all that is out there? I prefer the latter of the two and am constantly amazed and in wonderment when I look at the images that astronomers have taken of all that is out there in the universe. Our earth of which we are residents is so small it would not even be visible as it circled the smallest of dots which are stars in this image ... and we think we can have an impact on anything? Mostly I am grateful for the opportunity to live and to wonder at all that is. What a gift we are given. So over the next few weeks I will do a series of twelve (seems like a good number) images with creatures, places and humans in deep space ... seems like a fun adventure and our magical Blue Heron tonight is exploring a beautiful region of space which I forgot to notate ... I'll find it tomorrow.

Monday is off to a good start as is my blowing through the curfew again. Had too much fun working the image. A bit of everything on deck for today and looking forward to it. We hope that your day is most excellent and that you will give a moment to ponder all that is and our very small part of it.

Cheers and a smile to go with it ... what blessings are ours!