Thu, April 02

Letter: Birther nonsense is just that: nonsense


In his letter dated 7/19/2012, Jim Barber asserts that it is improper for President Obama and his supporters to challenge the failure of GOP candidate Mitt Romney to produce his tax returns. Something every other modern president has done.

However, let me point out that notwithstanding assertions from the so-called “birthers” it has been established that President Obama was born in the State of Hawaii and is fully qualified to be POTUS.

Furthermore, in the 236-year history of America no other POTUS has ever been challenged about their citizenship or has ever been required to produce proof of his US Citizenship.

This is the type of nonsense that the GOP/Tea Party engages in to deflect attention away from an obstructionist congress that has done everything possible to oppose every jobs program that President Obama has offered to it for consideration.

I want everyone to imagine if the roles were reversed and it was President Romney [God forbid], demanding the release of the tax records of candidate Obama, what we would be hearing from the fanatic GOP/Tea Party people.

Just like the birther issue, there would be no end to it. They would demand that “candidate” Obama produce ALL of his tax records dating back to the beginning of his working life and even that would probably not satisfy them.

The hypocrisy and duplicity inherent in those that challenge all inquiries into the failure of candidate Romney to release all of these tax returns is self-evident.

This is what happens to a party that has “enslaved” itself to racist ideation and is committed to ending the historical Presidency of America’s first Afro-American president because he committed the crime of “being born black in America” and achieving the office of POTUS to the eternal consternation of the GOP racist base.

John A. Bond


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