Fri, Feb. 28


... before we make judgments we need to know the context in which a particular event occurs. I shot this photograph of a hen mallard at the ponds yesterday afternoon and to all appearances she is climbing into a beautiful blue sky with scattered clouds. In fact the sky was blue and the clouds were beautiful ... even as reflections in the water ... the mallard was skimming along just a few feet above the water and not climbing out into the sky. Take your own pick though, personally I prefer the illusion to reality.

It was an exceedingly good day and storms racked the area this afternoon; geez I love a good storm. Although I didn't go out and sit in it today, I remembered times when I was a kid and did go out and experience the enormous strength of thunderstorms. On planet earth there are approximately 2000 thunderstorms occurring at any given moment and 100 lightning strikes per second or 8,640,000 per day. Wow and to top that off we're traveling through space as we circumnavigate the sun and tag along with it as we circumnavigate the milky way galaxy and the galaxy is traveling outward to whatever and wherever. It is comforting to know that we will not bump up against a wall ... the universe is generally believed to be infinite and infinite is just that ... infinite ... if it is not there will be a big bump in the night?

Anyhow it was a wonderful day and hope yours was too. Time to put a wrap on this day and already looking forward to sun up and a very busy day ... and several cappuccinos. The coffee pots are idle these days and the new espresso machine goes nonstop every morning.

Share the beauty you find each day with others and there is nothing more beautiful than a smile



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