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1895: VERDE VALLEY AND ITS RESOURCES, 3; Middle Verde, Camp Verde, Lower Verde, and Clear Creek

"The Verde Valley is situated in Central Arizona." ...

"Productions: All vegetables grow well. ... Wheat and other grains and grasses are profitably raised." ...

"In the valley we find many farmers who believe that the best is the cheapest and they have imported Kentucky stock and in the not far distant future we will see them coming to the front with racing stock. Hogs, poultry and all livestock are very profitably raised."


"Returning to the Verde Valley proper we find the farms of:

Benj. Copple, with ten acres of grain land.

Conway Bristow, with 20 acres of hay and grain land.

Robert Cannon, with 25 acres, producing hay and grain

James Human, 15 acres of hay and grain land.

Mr. Knowles has a fine farm of 75 acres and produces hay and grain.

The Schroeder farm of 60 acres produces hay and grain.

Mrs. Jas Davidson, 20 acres of hay and grain land.

J. O. Bristow, 25 acres for hay and grain.

E. A. Jordan, 30 acres producing hay and grain.

Henry Jordan, 40[?] acres producing the same.

Isaac Jones, farm of 15 acres producing hay and grain.

Mr. Gaddis farm of 20 acres producing hay and grain.

E. S. McRoberts, has a store on Middle Verde. There are two schools at Middle Verde presided over by Mr. C. B. Coulson and Mr. Franks."


"The only farm at present on the Verde Reservation is that of Thos. Smith. Camp Verde is an abandoned military post and the reservation has only been recently thrown open to settlement. School is taught by Fred Stevens."


"The first farm below Camp Verde is that of F. E. Jordan. Mr. Jordan is also a miller and is interested in bee culture."

Ed. Jordan has a ranch of 50 acres just below, where he raises hay and grain.

John Davis has two farms of about 40 acres and raises hay and grain.

John Woods has 50 acres capable of cultivation and owns some of the best blooded stock on Lower Verde. Mr. Woods is one of the supervisors of Yavapai Co.

Jim Brown has a farm of 60 acres of hay and grain.

The school at Lower Verde is taught by Florence Hannah of Prescott."


"On Clear creek the farm of Mr. Morris is the highest up the stream. It contains 20 acres and Mr. Morris raises hay, grain and potatoes.

Geo. Blodgett has a 15 acre hay farm.

Next comes Pleas. Bristows farm of 30 acres of hay and grain land.

W. S. Head, an old timer of Arizona and one of the solid men of Lower Verde has two farms here of about 30 acres each and raises hay and grain. Mr. Head is Post Master at Camp Verde and runs a store there.

W. G. Wingfield, has a farm of 30 acres of hay and grain, and a fine orchard.

Isaac Lothian, has a farm of 40 acres here and raises hay, grain and fruit.

Thos. Eamans, has a farm of 50 acres and raises hay and grain but he is mainly interested in stock raising.

Jas. Melvin has a farm of 60 acres in hay and grain.

M. Osborn has a farm of 30 acres and raises hay and grain.

The nicest of fish are caught in Clear Creek, in fact in the Verde River and all its tributaries. The school at Clear Creek is taught by Miss Woods."

(The Jerome Chronicle; Saturday, April 20, 1895.)

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