Wed, July 17

Sedona burglary suspect arrested

This March, Yavapai Sheriff's deputies investigated a residential burglary on Yucca Drive, off SR 89A in Sedona.

It appeared someone had forced open a rear sliding door to enter the victim's home while the victim was away for a couple of hours. Valuables taken in the burglary included vintage jewelry from the victim's bedroom. Deputies and detectives canvassed the neighborhood for witnesses and examined the scene for evidence without producing immediate suspect information.

In May, 51-year-old Lorie Frontuto was arrested for burglarizing a home in Cottonwood. A media release was published in the newspapers. One of the Sedona victims' neighbors recognized the photo of Frontuto and thought it was the same person he saw in the March victim's driveway, the day of the burglary.

Detectives contacted the witness and confirmed by way of a photo line-up interview that Frontuto was in fact the suspect he saw. A vehicle description from the witness matched a vehicle owned by Frontuto.

During follow-up on Frontuto's first case, detectives had already recovered stolen property from her residence. Many items, including jewelry, had not been identified. The victim shown photos of the evidence and immediately identified several pieces that belonged to her.

On June 20, Frontuto, still in-custody from the Cottonwood burglary in May, was charged with burglary, theft, and criminal trespass for the Sedona case. She remains in-custody with a total combined bond of $60,000.

Detectives continue to review evidence and leads which could link Frontuto to additional burglaries.

Anyone with information regarding Frontuto, is asked to contact Detective Todd Swaim at 928-567-7710.