Mon, July 22

Congressional Dist. 4 candidates join Verde Valley ballot this year

The Verde Valley is now represented in Congress from two districts. Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Lake Montezuma and Camp Verde will join most of north, east rural Arizona in Congressional District-1.

Cottonwood, Verde Village, Jerome will vote in Congressional District 4, along with Gila, Yavapai, Mohave and La Paz Counties.

Red State, the conservative Web site has branded the Congressional District 4 as "the most conservative district in the state."


Mikel Weisser

A poet, activist and middle school Social Studies teacher from Kingman, is seeking the Democratic nomination in Congressional District 4, Mikel Weisser may be the most outspoken candidate in the race. But, he is clearly after a Democratic audience. A native Texan, Mikel returned to University of Illinois at Springfield at 30, for an MA and then earned an M Ed from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff. Since then, Mikel has lived in Mohave County, teaching junior high social studies in Bullhead City and Middle School in Kingman. He is also an enthusiastic spokesman for LBGT issues, "the Arizona Democratic Party's LGBT Caucus' regional advisor for Western Arizona on Gender Bias Issues, and an organizer of Kingman's annual book festival, KABAM! ("Kingman-Area-Books-Are-Magic!")

Weisser openly blogs liberally " from the left coast of AZ."

"I have been a political humorist and activist for 20 years. I firmly believe the GOP and the Religious Right are a threat to our country's very existence. They have engineered an economy that bankrupts the public to enrich the few; a healthcare system that is the embarrassment of the civilized world; military that dehumanizes and discards Americans and oppresses the rest of the world, a legal system that empowers banksters, imperils our civil liberties and imprisons rather than educates. Responding to a campaign commentary by competitor and Republican Paul Gosar in the Payson Roundup, Weisser wrote, "Gosar parses the Orwellian doublespeak of the GOP like a dutiful propagandist: All things evil come from Obama, all things good come from tax cuts. The paragraphs are little more than mash-ups from the Karl Rove songbook Arizona-ized by the glow of Gosar's pet uranium mines."

I am calling for a return to the ideas of the Preamble of the Constitution: unity, tranquility, justice, providing for a common defense and promoting the general welfare.

I am a reform/protest candidate calling for a return to concepts of ethics in economics, social justice and equality of infrastructure.

Johnnie Robinson


Johnnie Robinson was born in Dallas Texas and raised in Maryland.  His father worked as a mason and welder for 35 years. His mother is a retired nurse.  He is the youngest of four children in a family that has instilled a strong constitution of moral and ethical values.

Through-out his life, Johnnie learned the significance of hard work, the importance of helping others and to always improve life for everyone.

He began assisting the community at the age of 9 by working with "Special Olympics" to promote health and exercise for mentally and physically challenged adults and children.  At 14, he started as a volunteer and then became a worker for the local soup kitchen and homeless shelter, to feed homeless men, women and children and house homeless mothers with infants and children. 

Johnnie moved to Arizona as an adult to search for a better life. While attending college, he began to see the area needs and began a mentoring program, a solid waste disposal organization and became involved with politics.  He has worked with former Pinal County Sheriff Roger Vanderpool, County Supervisor David Snider and The Honorable Judge William O'Neil to organize mass "Community Clean-Ups," which utilized the assistance of juveniles that owed community service time.

Johnnie mentored juveniles as they began repaying their debt to society and learned to be productive citizens.  After graduating from Central Arizona College with associate degrees in business and political science, Johnnie dedicated his life to helping members in his community, especially seniors, youth and criminals that needed a second chance at life. 

Johnnie has worked with members of congress and was selected in 2004 to go to Washington D.C. to work on Capitol Hill.  Johnnie was able to learn more of our political process and the difference between working with constituents in the District and dealing with D.C. Bureaucrats.

Johnnie is married to Regina Robinson, who works in the legal field. They have a toddler son.

Johnnie hopes to show the people of Congressional District 4 that he will continue improving life for his community and giving the people of Congressional District 4 a voice on Capitol Hill


Ron Gould

Born in Orange County, California, Ron was elected to the Lake Havasu City Council in 2004 and became a State Senator in 2005 until the present.

He is married to Janice and they have three children. Ron is owner of an small air conditioning and heating company in Lake Havasu City.

Ron Gould is recognized as a principled and consistent conservative in Arizona, Whether opposing higher taxes, pushing for reforms to fight illegal immigration, or fighting to reduce the size and cost of government, Ron Gould has taken the lead in fighting for those beliefs. Organizations like the Goldwater Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the Arizona Federation of Taxpayers rate Ron Gould as the most conservative State Senator in Arizona.

Throughout his career as Arizona's pro-taxpayer legislator, Ron Gould's record on protecting Arizona's taxpayers is good. Nearly single-handedly he tried to stop a 20 percent increase in sales tax. Gould helped to push through tax relief for Arizona families and small businesses.

In the Arizona Legislature, Ron Gould has been a consistent and unwavering advocate for cutting the size and cost of government. Recognized time and again by Arizona's leading conservative groups as the top-rated legislator on spending, Ron Gould will be the fighter we need in Congress working to reduce federal spending.

He says, the politicians in Washington have refused to take serious steps to bring our national debt under control. This has left us with trillions in debt that our children and grandchildren will be responsible for. In Congress, Ron Gould would not have voted for a deal that gave President Obama the right to increase the national debt. In fact, Ron would have voted against any effort to raise our national debt.

Ron Gould has been a leader in Arizona in finding real solutions to stopping illegal immigration. In Congress, Ron will oppose any effort to offer amnesty to illegal aliens. He will also stand firm against the left's continuing effort to push for policies that reward illegal immigration while ignoring the very serious problems it brings.

Ron Gould is 100 percent pro-life and has the voting record to prove it. He was the sponsor of Arizona's Marriage Protection amendment that defined marriage in our state as between one man and one woman. In Congress, Ron will always fight for the unborn and Arizona's families.

Paul Gosar


A Prescott dentist, Paul Gosar was originally elected to CD-1 in 2010. Since the creation of new congressional districts by the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission, Paul is now looking for support from District-4 voters. Paul connects to the community through his 25-year practice, but he is active coaching Little League and serving on community committees, such as the Flagstaff Citizens for Fluoride Initiative.

Representative Paul Gosar was successful in passing his major jobs legislation, H.R. 1904, through the U.S. House of Representatives with bi-partisan support. Originally introduced by former District-1 Representative Rick Renzi, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011, will create 3,700 jobs and generate nearly $1 billion annually to the state of Arizona. H.R. 1904 authorizes a federal-land exchange in which Resolution Copper would get 2,600 acres in the Oak Flat area of the Tonto National Forest in return for giving 5,500 acres of environmentally sensitive land to the federal government.

Gosar affirms: "I adamantly oppose this Liberal Congress' tax and spend ways. As a small businessman, I understand how harmful they can be. It should be a fundamental principle of all elected officials that the American people get to keep more of what they earn. Period."

The bailout of Wall Street was wrong. Washington's elected officials need true oversight. We need a better government - not a bigger one.

The Federal Government has completely failed its constitutional, legal and moral duty to secure our borders. I believe that we have to support our law enforcement officials who have a sworn duty to uphold our immigration laws. I have called on Congress to get serious about true immigration reform and finally pass H.R. 1868 (Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009). It is similar to legislation supported by our own former Congressman Bob Stump. It would limit citizenship to children born to parents who are a U.S. citizens or nationals, a lawful permanent resident alien whose residence is in the United States, or an alien performing active service in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Energy independence is a must. It's a matter of national security. Not only do we need to be drilling more at home, but we also need to explore all alternative energy options, such as bi-products, geothermal, nuclear, wind and solar energies. Energy independence is within our grasp.

Rick Murphy

Lake Havasu

Rick Murphy is a businessman and understands the importance of a balanced budget, especially in tough times. Murphy owns a half-dozen radio stations in the Lake Havasu City area.

He is a third generation Arizonan. Rick's grandfather came to Parker as an engineer building Parker Dam. Rick was born in his grandfather's back bedroom at Parker Dam to a 15-year-old mother and a 16-year-old father who had a fairytale love affair and held hands every day for over 50 years until she died of cancer. His dad was an under-aged veteran sailor who served four years on a destroyer in Korea.

Rick, wife Susan and the children and many grandchildren remain in Arizona.

Murphy owns and operates radio stations, contributes to his community through service organizations and the Murphy Foundation.

"I just want to know how many of you like the result of sending lawyers and politicians to Washington to fix the problems. How many would like to try a business approach to the budget?"

"America is facing a fiscal crisis that cannot be wished or taxed away, and must not be passed on to future generations. With a national debt that is increasing by $34,000 per second, that would saddle children with a burden they will never forgive us for. So what do we do? Murphy asks.

Start by balancing the budget and demanding accountability from our congressmen. "In my business I'm the last person who gets paid. We call it accountability."

Next, make sure the largest collective tax hike in history doesn't happen. And finally, we kill the most unconstitutional power grab in history, Obamacare.

I say, "Don't raise taxes; raise taxable income."

66% of jobs in America are created by small businesses. The small, start-up business today is being strangled by red tape and crushing government regulations.

Americans Elect

Richard Grayson (write-in)

Apache Junction

Richard Grayson is a 2012 Americans Elect candidate seeking election to the U.S. House representing the 1st Congressional District of Arizona. He was a 2012 Green Party candidate for the U.S. House representing the 8th Congressional District of Arizona, but was defeated in the special election.

Americans Elect is a non-partisan non-profit political organization with the goal of "creating the first nonpartisan, national online presidential primary."

Grayson was born in Brooklyn, and attended New York public schools and the City University of New York, receiving a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Brooklyn College, where he was also an undergraduate.

In 1983, Grayson filed to run for President of the United States as a Democrat. Over the next year, the exploits in his humorous campaign to replace President Ronald Reagan was quoted in Time, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. He asked actress Jane Wyman, star of the then-nighttime soap opera Falcon Crest and the former wife of the incumbent President, to be his Vice Presidential running mate, saying, "she already has experience in dumping Ronald Reagan."

In 1994, he ran as a write-in candidate for Congress in the St. Petersburg/Clearwater area against Republican Michael Bilirakis, who otherwise would have been unopposed.

His "Diary of a Congressional Candidate in Florida's Fourth Congressional District," covered his 2004 campaign as the sole opponent to Rep. Ander Crenshaw, a Jacksonville Republican, and brought him a new audience.

Richard Grayson was a Democratic candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 6th Congressional District of Arizona, seeking the Democratic nomination to challenge incumbent Rep. Jeff Flake .

In 2010, Grayson ran as the Green Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona's 6th Congressional District and finished fourth.


Joe Pamelia


As a Vietnam combat veteran and former Raytheon Space & Airborne Systems Program Manager and Engineer, now small business owner, Joe Pamelia is focused on bringing jobs not only back to his district, but also to the entire United States. He is also focused on reforming immigration, health care, to rein in government spending, making sure that a balanced budget is the order of the day.

Joe's primary focus will be to ensure that the American people-- not just government--are involved in the solution-making process, and, ultimately, in the creating legislation.

A true patriot, candidate Pamelia saw the need to help the disadvantanged and underprivileged. Joe has created, developed and published numerous mini-seminar training courses for the unemployed, underemployed and students without requiring them to spend tens of thousands of dollars. The courses will help them get the needed training to enter the workforce and enhance their backgrounds. The courses can be found on and barnes &, available for the Kindle and Nook devices.

Whether candidate Pamelia is in Washington fighting for his constituents, or back home in Arizona listening to the people and working together to find solutions to the problems that face Arizona's Fourth Congressional District, he remains committed to ushering in a new era of government that empowers individuals and reforms the bureaucratic procedures that stifle job creation and innovation.