Tue, Jan. 21

Portrait of

... a fisherman ... it is illegal for humans to do any fishing at Bubbling Ponds, but this fisherman and many more creatures routinely engage in this act of survival down there. I went down to the ponds late afternoon in hopes of getting some good shots of the resident Wood Duck and her ducklings as Dave told me first that she was there and second about where and when I could find them. I did get some excellent shots of them and they truly are a wonder. Perhaps I'll get that shot out tomorrow. It was a good day at the ponds and once again I brought some wonderful shots home. So much new life down there at this time of year.

Corky and I had a delightful meal tonight; hot dogs, potato salad and some coleslaw and it was good. I did crave something else and had they not gone out of business we would have dined on KFC chicken ... since when do KFC's go out of business?

Got some excellent news this afternoon; Corky's new wheel chair will be arriving and custom fit next week. This will make a real difference as the existing one barely cuts it.

Busy day with photos underway and a few lessons on Muse; it is very intuitive and has many of the same tools as in Photoshop and the same shortcuts. New websites are being constructed both for which will be all photography as I am dropping the law from the site and then an all new ; hope to have them both up in less than a week. I'll have a few pages on the gem cutting and custom jewelry design on the tedgrussing website with the photographs.

Have a wonderful day, funny how it seems when we are blessed we want to be doubly blessed; I strive to be satisfied with what life brings me each day and some days I do it.

Cheers and smiles


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