Sun, Jan. 26

New flags for Clarkdale Main Street on Flag Day

A two-block section of Main Street in Clarkdale will be dressed up on Flag Day with 26 new United States flags and flagpoles.

Interim Director of Public Safety John Wintersteen said that he and a few people from the police department and town staff will begin placing the flags at 7:30 a.m. on Flag Day, June 14. The flags should be in place by 8 a.m.

"We'll put the new flags up for the first time," Wintersteen said. There will be 26 new flags and poles to replace the 12 to 14 that have been put up in recent years.

Wintersteen said the new flags will be put up basically for all federal holidays, including Flag Day, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Veterans Day and Martin Luther King Day.

Most of the money for the new flags and flagpoles was raised April 29 when the 10-12 Lounge sponsored a Stars & Stripes Motorcycle Run.

Kerrie Bluff of the 10-12 Lounge said the motorcycle run had actually started the previous year to raise money for the Clarkdale Pool. But opening the pool this year was a financial impossibility.

Bluff said Town Manager Gayle Mabery had contacted her to see if the run could be used this year to raise money for the new flags and flagpoles on Main Street. The run raised about $1,100 to $1,200.

Wintersteen said the old flags were worn, and the old flagpoles were in bad shape. Making things worse, the holes that the poles fit into were also in bad shape. The flagpoles just did not stand up straight without shims and a lot of fussing with them.

Now, not only are there new flags and flagpoles but also the holes along Main Street are being realigned and made to better accept and hold the flagpoles.

"We'll place all the holes so the 26 flags will be 2 feet back from the curb line," Wintersteen said. "The poles themselves are now a standard size."

-- Philip Wright

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