Tue, July 16

Cottonwood burglary spree suspects nabbed

COTTONWOOD -- Officers from Cottonwood Police, Verde Valley Regional SWAT Team and Town of Clarkdale joined up to serve search warrants at the homes of Lawrence George Mosman Jr., 32, and Nicholas Thomas, 22, both of Cottonwood. Mosman and Thomas were booked on numerous charges including burglary, theft, credit card fraud, trafficking in stolen property, possession of stolen property and weapons misconduct.

In recent months, Cottonwood has seen a surge in vehicle burglaries with thousands of dollars' worth of property stolen and damage sustained to the vehicles. Some of the stolen items included cash, credit cards, and guns.

Patrol officers located two suspicious suspects during the early morning hours of June 3. Those suspects were identified as Mosman and Thomas. That information led to search warrants executed at their homes. Due to their criminal history and the involvement of stolen guns, Verde Valley Regional SWAT Team was involved in the execution of those search warrants. Officers from the Town of Clarkdale were involved in the investigation as some of the burglaries occurred in their jurisdiction.

Numerous evidence was located and officers recovered including a stolen gun. Both suspects were seen by a judge who placed a $35,000 bond on Thomas and a $40,000 bond on Mosman.

Anyone with information about these burglaries or if you believe you were a victim of these vehicle burglaries, you are encouraged to contact the Cottonwood Police Detective Division at (928) 634-4246.