Fri, July 19

Coming home ...

... reminds me of the T-Mobile flash mob You Tube video which you can see at: It is a joyful and fun flash mob and the music is good. I had the Lambada down at Performance One Aviation at Falcon Field today for a little work and then the flight home. The air was rocking so I took some time out for some soaring and had a blast then turned the engine back on and finished the flight home. While down there I met a gentleman who had just flown his Lancair in from Texas to have it serviced there. He will be flying into Sedona later this year as there is a gathering of Lancair owners then. So anyhow Allen, this is the sight that greets me every time I return. Nice huh? I took the shot roughly over the Sedona Golf Resort looking towards the north. SR 179 runs north starting at the bottom right of the image and goes to the left of Bell Rock and the airport can be seen if you follow the highway. The golf course is Oak Creek Country Club and we live on the second tee box in the lower left quadrant of the photo. The San Francisco Peaks are on the horizon just right of center. The cloud streets looked very inviting, but I had already played for a while so I just came in and landed. Home to Cork and a quiet evening.

A busy day working photos today ... some law and some gem cutting.

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Cheers and always carry a smile with you to share.