Mon, Oct. 14


... always the ideal sought by everyone in everything they do. Seldom if ever achieved and a reason for me to keep going back to certain places to see if I can squeak a slightly better shot out of my equipment and the prevailing conditions. Today was a day I did pretty good in getting the shots at the confluence. The Little Colorado is the turquoise colored water flowing into the deep green waters of the Colorado River. Where the two rivers merge is called the confluence; it is also the entrance to the Grand Canyon going down stream and the end of Marble Canyon which is the upstream portion of the Colorado River.

As a point of reference from the top of the mesa near the upper left of the photo it is 4,000' straight down to the river. The Little Colorado River appears to be fairly close in size to the Colorado River but at the time this photo was taken the Little Colorado River had a flow of 220 cubic feet per second coming entirely from Blue Springs upstream about ten miles from the confluence; the flow in the Colorado River was over 12,000 cubic feet per second.

On the shore of the Colorado River on my side near the island you can see two specs separated by about a quarter of an inch. The blue one is two large blue river rafts and the one above it is six yellow river rafts. Think they were spending the night there before heading into the Grand Canyon tomorrow morning. I shot this image with a Canon 7D and the 15-85 mm lens at 15mm. I have others shot at 85mm in which you can clearly see the rafts and perhaps a person or two. I was at about 11,000' when I took this shot close to two miles above the rivers. This was also about as low as I got during the flight as it was cooler higher; most of the flight was well above 15,000'. On a fun note, the air was absolutely rocking and I spent some time soaring and working lift in excess of 800' per minute.

And then I had to land ... it was hot!

Anyhow, a very fun day for me and Corky had a friend spend the afternoon with her ... shared a meal with another friend tonight and all in all about as good a day as you can ask for. I ran the card in the camera out (326 images in raw format) and discovered a few other vantage spots I can shoot from and perhaps get better images ... next time and very soon. Last flight for this camera and lens as they going to a good friend in Phoenix. Think the other one is gone too, so for a few weeks I'm down to the 5D MK II and then wonder camera will show up. Hope it does as well up there as these have done.

Cheers, we are blessed


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