Fri, Dec. 06

The vision

... each day we travel through uncharted realms of space as our solar system orbits the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Our solar system has only made this trip twenty times before ... and it shall only make it another twenty or thirty times before our star the sun becomes a red giant and earth as we know it will cease to exist. Only those who gaze upwards at night get to see the sight and though all appears calm and serene the scene is one of incredible motion and violence. Perhaps it is better that we attend to things earthly though and in our short lives record and share the beauty of our world, of each other and the wonderment of eternity. We never travel through the same location in space twice and we never have the same opportunities to serve others twice ... but each day brings a fresh slate and fresh moments to seize ... to make this a better place ... to make ourselves a little kinder.

The first photo is of Q on the deck with me tonight his eyes filled with creation and the second shot of a Blue Heron traveling to a new fishing location. I wonder what the reflected image in Q's eyes means to him.

My Canon 7D's sold to the first two people who responded and said they wanted the cameras; wish I had another dozen or so, but that was it. The 7D is great for wildlife work with a fabulous auto focus system and will shoot eight frames per second in raw format. Hope the new 1D-X comes soon ... a wee bit more of a price tag, but among other features it will shoot fourteen frames per second and this will give me more opportunity to get the action shots I love to shoot.

A wonderful weekend, time with friends, time alone. Life is good and we are blessed ... as we are blessings for others.

Cheers and smile a lot


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