Tue, April 07


... the warmer yet fresh weather of spring is here and everywhere new life is making itself known. It is good to see blooms appearing on the crab apple trees again and before long the fruit shall begin to form and grow. I suspect that long after the last human inhabits this planet the seasons will continue their cycle of life and rest ¡K what a privilege and gift to be able to be here and be a part of it all ¡K even more so to know that beyond each of us and not dependent on any of us, life will go on and we can make the choice to enjoy the journey or not. I cannot imagine losing even a single second or breath of this life to other than the joy and beauty of which we are a part.

I took this shot last Friday whilst Sheila was doing Corky¡¦s hair; she is doing a great job as Cork transitions from drill instructor crew cut to a length that can once again be styled. At least her hair is growing quickly. I still favor the antennae idea for the initial holes they drilled in her skull ¡K nice gold ones with diamonds on the ends º Now that she is speaking she can verbalize her response just as she did in giving me a visual gesture when she couldn¡¦t speak. The answer is the same.

We had a great weekend spent with friends and a couple of trips to the ponds which also netted some good shots. Monday is going to be a very busy day as we get inspections and make the transition from propane to natural gas ¡K new appliances, conversions, inspections and all the rest. Looks like a good week shaping up too.

Enjoy the gift of life and all the beauty of other life forms ¡K we sure are a long way from having any effect on that which is, but so lucky to be able to enjoy it ¡K and the company of others.

Be well, be blessed and be a blessing


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