Sat, Feb. 22

Goat's Milk, Sustainable Ag Consortium, Egg Odds N Ends

Here's a "cattle call" for anyone who produces goat's milk. I have several interested folks and we need to know who has goat's milk for sale!!! Email me at, or simply respond to this blog through the form at the end. There is a demand but we can't find the SUPPLY. Now THAT is a farmer's dream.

I want to start a sustainable agricultural consortium here in the Verde Valley. If there is one in existence, let me know! I know one tried to get off the ground, but I never heard any more. I do know there are small growers and producers throughout our Valley who would love to sell a few eggs, a half a beef, some garden truck, milk, nuts, honey etc. If we band together for a Grown in the Verde Valley label, we will all benefit. First need- no money, no dues; just a desire to push Grown in the Verde Valley. Second, a willingness to work with other local producers to help each of us. I really think our time has come. We could even work out something with the local Wine Consortium to share a Verde Valley Fair booth and Farmer's Markets space. Some see me as a dreamer. Others see me as a forward thinker. I truly believe if we band together we can market our goods, and we can't deny that each of us needs to make at least a little profit.

I've been in farming all of my 50 plus years, and most of it as a natural farmer. I have never practiced nor worked in commercial, factory farming. Folks, we are sitting on a gold mine just waiting to get the first giant golden nugget. Again, email me at, or comment in the form at the end of this blog. I will answer you. If there is another group already formed that I am not aware of let me know. I truly believe in locally grown, healthy foods.

Eggs Odds N Ends

Duck eggs are excellent in cakes and breads. They are a little richer and little 'stiffer' than a chicken egg, but used one to one, as in recipe wants one egg assuming chicken, use one egg duck, your baking will come out fabulous! Ducks are starting to lay well now. Don't throw the eggs away! I am selling duck eggs. I just introduce them to my chicken egg customers. Many folks don't realize how goood duck eggs are.

For all of you with chicks, geese, ducks, turkeys, pheasants...start watching for eggs and broodiness. Our Spring is coming about 2 weeks earlier this year. If you want young'ins, let the broodies set. If not, collect eggs and see if others want to incubate them. An egg for incubation must be fertilized, must NOT be washed or refrigerated and should be less than 10 days old. If you want to sell eggs, post a comment in the form at the end of this blog! If you want to buy eggs, post as well. This blog is info for all of us. We'll get it done, naturally, Grown In the Verde Valley.

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