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Miss Autumn brings back Comic showcase

Local comic and producer Miss Autumn Garza will be painting the town funny this St. Patrick's Day.

Come down to Olde Sedona on Saturday, March 17, and enjoy two comedy shows, traditional Irish fare and an after party with dueling DJ's.

Olde Sedona is located at 1405 W. 89A, here in West Sedona.

The first show will be an all-ages show at 5:30 p.m.; it will be a showcasing of six different comedians from phoenix & will be hosted by lovely and talented Miss Autumn. The show will be approximately 90 minutes, and will also be of a "cleaner demeanor." 

Olde Sedona bar & grill will be having this event in their dining room area. The traditional Irish dish corned beef and cabbage will be served at both shows and for those over 21 there will be green beer for $2.50 and Guinness for $3.50 as well as specials on Irish whiskeys. Each show is $10 per person at the door.

The second show will be the "Down & Dirty at 7:30" show. This show will be a more structured in a traditional comedy show sense and will definitely be more risqué. In addition to this show featuring amazing comics, Jameson will have their finest lasses passing out promotional items. Both shows will be featuring DJ Tramma from Pure Entertainment, who will be supplying the crowd with a wide range of music including a lot of Irish drinking songs.  

Later in the evening DJ Tramma will be battling it out against DJ Grand for our DJ "Spin Off" which will take place during our V.I.P.  Post-show party, which will only be an additional $7 for those over 21 who purchased tickets and attended either comedy show.   

Opening the second event will be the very funny Michelle Mikstas; she is a bright new addition to the already hot Phoenix comedy scene. She started stand up in September 2011 after being away from performing for over a decade. She is a single mom to her son and her niece, which is where she tends to get most of her material. After her divorce in 2010, she lost 80 pounds (and a miserable spouse!) and regained her sunny disposition and desire to make people laugh. Her raunchy and honest comedy stylings and observations on dating, kids, body hair and other various topics  have been seen at various venues in Phoenix, including Toso's, Majerle's, Monkey Pants, as well as  The Comedy Spot,  most recently in their  "Girls Gone Funny" show.  She's 42 years old, was born in Texas but only cause her dad was in Vietnam. Mikstas considers herself to really be from South Philly, Pa., and a tough Italian neighborhood where men are men and women have moustaches. Her interests are comedy, writing, reading, shopping, men, and making her kids smile and laugh.

Up next we will have the talented Amy Blackwell. Amy Blackwell is a quirky Arizona native that has been making people laugh her whole life. Blessed with a God given quick wit and sense of timing coupled with almost no fear of public speaking, she makes a natural stand-up comic. Whether people were laughing at her or with her, she soaked up the attention. Growing up in rural Arizona, Amy had to rely on her imagination to keep her busy. Putting on lip syncs and plays for her friends and family were an almost every day occurrence. In high school, Amy caught the acting bug when she took drama. She performed in anything and everything she could just to be on stage and entertain. After high school Amy lived life and attended the school of hard knocks, becoming the single mother of two. While raising her two boys, Amy stumbled into an opportunity to tell jokes. She was immediately hooked. Pulling from her life experience and soaking up the world around her she began writing gut busting jokes about her life, children, family, upbringing and dating life (or lack thereof). Random thoughts and observations have become her forte. Performing clean, family friendly comedy, Amy entertains while attempting to give back as much as she can to serve a greater good. Amy supports many non-profit organizations as a part of her comedy shows and wants to leave a mark in the world for the better.

One of our feature comics has been in three of the Miss Autumn productions, we are very pleased to bring back the comedic stylings of Santos. A Rhode Island native, Santos now lives in Phoenix and has recently performed at Stand up Live in downtown Phoenix with Pablo Francisco. Santos will be with comedian Bob Marley end March in Maine, and has worked at Tempe Improv, Sacramento Punch Line, El Paso Comedy Strip, Stand up Scottsdale, Speakeasy Comedy Lounge and has also performed in Jerome at the Mile High Bar & Grill.  Santos will be celebrating his one-year anniversary doing comedy on March 17, so we are very pleased to have him here in Sedona for the auspicious occasion.

Following Santos we will have the impressive and always fresh comic, Mike Gillerman. Gillerman is coming back to Sedona for the second time and his charismatic and stylish comedy is guaranteed to leave the crowd in tears from laughter. Gillerman was a finalist in the Laffs Tucson Survivor Arizona Comedy Contest.  He has appeared throughout clubs throughout the phoenix area & once got busy in a Burger King bathroom and has a weakness for Subway's chocolate chip cookies.

The first of our headliner's is Charlie Speez. "Charlie Speez is one of the most original comedic voices in a generation. When he tells jokes, it's like hearing a sweetly singing chorus of angels whilst simultaneously eating something delicious. Many experts believe that to study Charlie's mind is to dance a Tango with God himself. Above all, Charlie Speez is an extremely humble man," as an audience member was recently heard saying after seeing Charlie perform. Currently, Charlie is one of the strongest up-and-comers in the Phoenix comedy scene. A regular opener for national headliners at Stand Up, Scottsdale! Charlie is a prolific joke writer comfortable with all manner of material. From lowbrow to highbrow, one thing is certain; you'll laugh.

Our main headliner is "Everyone's Favorite Skinny Man" from Chicago, Ill., Aaron Powell is simply one thing: funny. From his hectic dating life to his large family to the way his voice sounds (it's kind of weird), Aaron just has one goal and that's to make you laugh.

Producer and performer Miss Autumn has been a local for over 21 years and has worked in the restaurant industry in Sedona for over 16 years and has a 13 year old, she's about as local as one can get.  Most folks say "you can always hear her before you see her," whether it's her bubbling laugh or her telling jokes loudly in line at the grocery store.  She's been doing stand up for almost 3 years and has performed most recently at the Mile High Bar & Grill as well as all over Phoenix at venues such as The Comedy Spot, Toso's, Brigett's Last Laugh, The Icehouse Tavern as well as The Bamboo Club in Tucson.

"Sedona needs a wider variety of entertainment, I wanted to give my friends and family a chance to come see me do my thing, but also I wanted to give my community a chance to enjoy a night of comedy, which hasn't been a part of the scene until recently when I brought my twist on it last October. Sedona loves to laugh and like bringing that to them."  

And she plans to bring even more shows to Sedona at various venues throughout the year.  With a passion for comedy and a tenacity that can't be tampered with, the local favorite, Miss Autumn is a woman on the rise. For more info please call (928) 254-7872.

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