Thu, July 18

The quiet hours ...

... as the sun is setting and the rays of light get longer the red rocks take on a deep and rich color lending credence to the fact that it was a very good day; that peace is attainable if not among all people at least in our hearts and among those whom we meet and choose as friends. The day fades and darkness reigns and we are treated to the beauty of the night sky and the realization that there is so much more than us. Still, we count, and whatever the reason we are here with enormous capacity for good ¡K or not. What each day becomes as it unfolds is that which we choose and determine it to be. I took this shot on a late afternoon flight last September and it is pretty much the Chapel area between Sedona and the Village and looking to the NE from a point south and east of the airport.

Running on a slight sleep deficit, only two hours last night and then some fitful naps in the recovery room. A quiet evening though and a tasty meatloaf sandwich ¡V thank you Jean! Corky is doing better than in quite a while and I bring her home this afternoon. No pain and that is good; she is eating full meals and that is likely good, but methinks it means I need to start cooking again ¡K it is worth it for her ¡K but not by much º.

Time for some rest and looking forward to the next waking hours ¡K promised I would get at least six hours before the coffee pot brings rich smells, wonderful taste sensations and caffeine to the new day.

Be well, be joyful ¡K or ?