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Update: Nikki Check gets most votes in Jerome election
Traditionally top vote getter is elected as mayor

Nikki Check

Nikki Check

JEROME - All five candidates for the Jerome Town Council received enough votes to win their seats outright during the primary election. Election regulations require that council candidates receive 50 percent of total ballots cast plus one to avoid being in a run-off election during the general election.

Because unofficial results from Yavapai County Election Office show that all candidates were elected outright, there will be no need for a general election.

A total of 135 ballots were cast out of 331 registered voters in the Jerome primary election for 40.8 percent.

In Jerome ballots allow for five selections on the ballot for five available council seats. Each two years all five seats on the Jerome five-person council are up for election.

The top vote getter, according to the unofficial results, was Nikki Check with 88 votes for 22.45 percent. The number two vote getter was Lewis Currier with 81 votes for 20.66 percent.

William Phinney received 77 votes for 19.64 percent, and Randall Hunt took 70 votes for 17.86 percent. Anne Bassett also had 70 votes for 17.86 percent.

Traditionally in Jerome, the council candidate receiving the most votes in the election is elected by the new council as mayor.

Incumbent Mayor Jay Kinsella did not run for re-election.

Four of the five council candidates were incumbents, but two of those incumbents were appointed to the council, and two were elected.

Council members Lew Currier and Anne Bassett were both elected to their seats during the 2010 council election. Nikki Check and Bill Phinney were appointed to the council in early October when vice mayor Christine Barag and councilwoman Lisa Rappaport both resigned from the council.

Hunt was the only non-incumbent candidate elected to the council.

The ballot question of Proposition 421, better known as "Home Rule," passed with 102 yes votes to 13 no votes for 88.70 percent.

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