Mon, July 15

Explore Ancient Wonders of Sedona
Goldenstein Gallery, Susie Reed and Pink Jeeps combine for Archaeology Month event

Pink Jeep Tours, Southwest rock art photographer Susie Reed and Goldenstein Gallery are collaborating to honor Archaeology Month by presenting "Explore Ancient Wonders of Sedona," which is a unique opportunity to see and learn about some of Sedona's archaeological treasures from colorful experts.

This event includes a Pink Jeep tour to Honanki Heritage Site proceeded by a talk by Susie at Goldenstein Gallery, where she exhibits her beautiful photos. It's being held for the first time on March 31 from 1 to 5 p.m. and will be available to groups in the future as scheduling allows.

Susie Reed is an eminent photographer of ancient rock art, which she's been photographing in and around Sedona since 1995. By following her curiosity and passion she's gained some unique perspectives and a deep understanding of her subject. She's had some amazing adventures and met an array of people who've taught her about archaeology, sacred sites, spirituality, ancient traditions, cultures and more. She'll share some of what she'd learned through her research and from Native Americans, archaeologists, Forest Service workers and others. She'll show some of her captivating photos, explain how pictographs and petroglyphs were made, discuss their possible interpretations and relevance today.

Then Susie will join participants on a Pink Jeep tour to Honanki to see some of Sedona's spectacular rock art and ancient ruins. There the jeep guide will provide fascinating information about the site, which Susie is also quite familiar with after having photographed excavations and restoration work there for years. Her pictures of digs, rock art, dwellings and work done at Honanki are in the Coconino National Forest archives. Thanks to a Sedona Arts and Cultural Commission grant her rock art photos are displayed in Sedona Visitor and Information Centers and collectors in many countries enjoy her images.

Pink Jeep Tours and Susie Reed both work to help preserve and protect archeological sites. Some call Susie an archeologist and conservationist for her efforts to educate people about the importance and value of rock art through her photos, writing and speaking. Pink Jeep Tours maintains the trail to Honanki, provides site hosts; leads tours there, teaches site etiquette and more. What's shown on their Honanki excursion and in Susie's fascinating photos are special glimpses of Sedona's Native American heritage, which evoke a wonderful sense of timelessness, respect and connection to the Verde Valley's rich past.


Goldenstein Gallery, Susie Reed and Pink Jeep Tours' "Explore Ancient Wonders of Sedona" package is being offered to groups on an on-going basis. For prices, further information or to make a reservation for their March 31 Archaeology Month special event call Susie Reed Photos at (928) 204-5856 or visit