Thu, April 09


¡K light, planets, freedom and joy ¡K and so it was that Wednesday was filled with all that makes life so good. Corky came along with me to the airport this morning and first shot a number of aircraft at the end of the runway and then the rest on takeoff and flybys ¡K. Mucho fun! Then I gave four or five short rides to friends who I had just shot in their ships and finally Corky and I took a long flight up north. On the way back I spent a few minutes taking shots of the historic Lowell Observatory NW of Flagstaff and which sits on Mars Hill.

One of the shots I took of aircraft doing flybys was anything but good for the purpose intended. It intrigued me because of the mystical qualities and seeming flight into space so here it is, seeking Pluto. To complete the search a photo of the observatory from whence the tiny planet Pluto was discovered in 1930. You can learn more about the observatory at: . So it was a good day for us and hope yours was too; may this day be equally beautiful and keep looking out there ¡K we can only see the distant past, dream of the future and live in the present.


Ted ¡K tired at last º

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