Thu, April 09


¡K such was my day which got off to a fine start and many good intentions. Then Spring Fever struck with a vengeance and all good intentions began to evaporate. Coffee on the deck with Q, followed by breakfast on the deck with Q, followed by lunch on the deck with Q ¡K and feeble attempts at work in between sessions. Cork thought it a wee bit on the cool side so she sat inside the door cheering us on. Amerigas came and removed the propane tank and lifted it cleanly out of the enclosure and I believe that I will fill it partially with top soil and see if I can grow tomatoes and a few other things this year. I do not think I have had a garden since I was a kid. I told a friend that I had decided to goof off (or something like that) today and he suggested that another word for it was ¡§sabbatical¡-; being a minister I am sure he is right º

The Grand Canyon Trust is using the photo of the confluence I sent out a couple of nights ago and also Jim Todd will be painting it in oil. Jim is an extremely talented artist and friend ¡K we have two of his paintings hanging and you can see more of his work at: . Although I grant free use of all my images for personal use which includes sharing them with all your friends and family, if they are to be used for any commercial use or publication please contact me to work out the arrangements. If you think you can get a decent print from what I send out go for it ¡K they should print a pretty decent 5 x 7. If you would like a fine art print in larger size I do sell them and pricing is on the websites and . This project is a passion of mine sharing the beauty I see all around me and hoping that in the sharing some extra beauty will enter your life and that you will pass it on. My dad was convinced that all people are basically good and I share that view. Too much attention is given to aberrant behavior ¡K we humans are a noble species and for all that is wrong in the world, there is far more that is right ¡K that is where I choose to live.

Installed Photoshop CS6 yesterday and have been busy re-writing ¡§actions¡-, establishing ¡§styles¡-, ¡§shortcuts¡- and a lot of other custom stuff I do and use in Photoshop to make a good work flow. I love the program.

So, have a wonderful day; coffee pot grinds and brews some wonderful stuff( Puerto Rican Las Nubas) in a little more than three hours so it is time to wrap it for tonight. The Coopers hawk flew over a couple of mornings ago and I got the shot. He is still pursuing his favorite food ¡K doves.

Exult, we exist and have free will


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