Thu, April 02

Letter: Blame Bush and Glorify Team Obama


Peter Nelson’s Letter (V.I. 4/22/2012) in part correctly makes the case that the President has very little direct effect on gas pump prices and that is funny to me because I remember well about five years ago when the gas prices increased and at the gas station there were “Liberals” literally grumbling about President Bush and how he had caused the price to go up to help his “Big Oil Buddies” and steal from the public; now fast forward to now and the same people are making excuses for President Obama. I do not believe for one second that the Liberals got smarter; it is simply that they will not criticize their own.

That said, let’s look at the difference in the way the two Presidents handled the basically the same situation: 1) When the gasoline prices increased under the Bush Administration; they initiated more domestic drilling (which by the way. is the largest part of what the Obama pundits are claiming, ‘there is more drilling now than previously’), as soon as the drilling was authorized OPEC lowered their prices and the price at the pump fell. 2) Even before the start of the Obama Administration he stated that he would essentially destroy the Coal Mining Operations, initiate a “Cap and Trade Policy” in which the price of Electricity would necessarily Skyrocket.

Then after the debacle with the “Gulf Oil Disaster” the Obama Administration revoked any drilling they could; causing the loss of thousands of jobs and the shut down or moving of our “Deep Water Oil Drilling Rigs.” Then President Obama made a deal (including Money) with Brazil for them to drill in the “Gulf” telling them that we would be their best customers.

Since the prices at the pump increased in this go-a-round the only things the Obama Administration has done is “Blame Bush” and “Blame the Oil Companies” and “Blame the Oil Speculators” for all his problems and claim any positive policies initiated by the previous administration to “Glorify Team Obama”.

Dale Gohr


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