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Teacher Appreciation Week: What I love about my Teacher

Janeth Mendoza and Mrs. Uma Mahendran

Janeth Mendoza and Mrs. Uma Mahendran

I love math, and for me, it’s very important to learn all the elements of it. I’m Janeth Mendoza, and when the question, “what I love about my teacher’ was asked, I only thought of one teacher, Mrs. Mahendran, my Algebra-2 teacher.

In my eyes, she’s an excellent teacher that cares about her students and gives her own time to be able to help them. What I love the most is her sense of humor, how she always has our papers graded on time and her dedication to teaching her subject.

When I first walked into her classroom, I was intimidated because she was reputed to be a mean and strict teacher. But, she made a joke about being the class clown so no one else could be and I knew she wasn’t what everyone else thought.

Mrs. Mahendran is such a role model for me. I always remember that it was because she never gave up on me, that I passed her class and now I’m able to graduate. She would keep me going on my bad days.

Not only was she a fun teacher to talk to, but a very responsible one. Whenever we had tests, quizzes or homework, it would only take her a day or two to get it back to us. It amazes me how much time she would spend grading these papers for us, just so we could see what we were doing wrong and what our grade was.

Always a neat teacher, with her desk very organized and she knew each one of the students that didn’t do their homework (they knew what was in store for them).

If she could take her time to grade everything and stay after school and help us, then I was willing to take the time and study and do my work in class. This class was so hard for me, but if it wasn’t for her work and all her talks about being a good student, I wouldn’t have cared about passing and being where I am right now.

Mrs. Mahendran would teach with such enthusiasm that she would actually engage me and not many teachers can do that. I loved all her dedication toward teaching because she would motivate me when she would explain how to do an equation or tell us how hard she had to work to end up where she is now.

She would get so excited when teaching about simple math and she knew her subject so well that she make me want to be like her: hardworking, dedicated and responsible.

Mrs. Mahendran is such an inspiration to keep going to school, no matter what the obstacles are on the way and to always be dedicated to everything to your in life, because that will get you really far

Janeth plans to continue her education at Yavapai College.

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