Sat, July 20

Two cats

Today was one of those neat days; I got several hours of work done and then got Corky up and we made it to church. After church it was home, a little rest and then some more work on photos for me and the news for Cork. Late afternoon Q and I went out to the deck for a little relaxation and enjoyment. A golfer stopped and asked if Q was our cat and suggested he go in as a good size bobcat was on the first green and heading our way. Q ambled towards the door when I called him and I had time to get some shoes on, camera in hand and off to find the bobcat. I found her about where I expected and began shooting; she was very tolerant and a bit bored by me and she more or less just strolled off. I think she is probably in the thirty pound range and check out those powerful legs. Fun to see her again.

The next shot is of Q yesterday as he was sampling some greens for a salad before the main course. Shortly after this he brought a friend into the house for lunch, a rather large lizard ... I think Q may have skipped dessert after such a large meal.

Relatively speaking the bobcat weighs in around thirty plus pounds and Q around twelve pounds. A cat can take down prey seven times its body weight ... do not plan on letting Q gain much weight.

A lot of work on photos this week, for the gallery and my new book which I got a small start on this weekend. Still struggling with direction for it, but it will evolve as I bring it forward. Look for the Cockscomb photo that went out last week in the August issue of Arizona Highways and two more photos in Sojourn a fantastic publication on the Colorado Plateau.

Have a terrific day ... Monday is well underway, so a bit of a rest before I continue it. Good things happen and we are blessed to be here and experience life ... use the gift and help others who need a hand.