Thu, Dec. 05

From above

... Allan requested a shot of the whole Iris that I sent out a few days ago and since he and Marge are kind enough to allow me to spend time on their property shooting their beautiful Irises every year, I think it is probably a reasonable request. He did not specify which view of the Iris he wanted however, so here is my choice and I hope that they and you all enjoy the beauty of the bloom. These are really tall Irises with the blooms at about chest level so to get this shot I just held the camera as high over the bloom as I could get it and pointed as best as I could and took the shot ... actually several of them, to get the one I wanted. I really love the colors in this one and hope that there will be a few more days to shoot them. Irises have an intense beauty, they appear and give a burst of beauty and glory and then they are gone, resting until the next spring.

It has been a very good week for us with a lot of time spent with friends and on the whole things just seemed to go good for us ... and we're still breathing and smiling ... hope you are too.

Into the weekend and I'll be back Monday morning if all continues as hoped. Have fun, give thanks for all that surrounds us and give some joy to others ...



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