Tue, July 16

I know

... that all the scientists and observers of the universe believe that the solar eclipse that we witnessed tonight was the result the moon passing between earth and the sun thus blocking our vision of the sun. And to be honest that is what I believed myself. The light as the eclipse began was amazing and I took a number of shots of it as it progressed. In order to insure that the photos were not totally blown out when I pointed the lens at old Sol, I took the shot at 1/8000th of a second so as to get rid of extraneous light.

I uploaded the photos to the computer a while ago and was totally blown away and in a state of shock when I saw the results ... yes, it was Q's paw that obstructed our view of the sun, not the moon ... I have photographic evidence of it and am attaching it to this email. When I got home from my walk, there was Q resting on the barbeque; no doubt cooling his paw down a little bit so that he would not ignite the carpet when he went in. He is a very thoughtful creature ... when he saw my camera he winked at me.

Monday is here and a busy one with PT, a CT scan and Dr. visits in the valley for Corky today. Not sure if we dare leave Q home alone or not, but he does seem somewhat worn out. Be careful though, his temper may flare :-)

Have a wonderful day and keep your face lit up with a warm smile.