Sat, July 20

Good morning

At 3:30 I just plain gave up and went to sleep ... actually that occurred earlier as I was collecting thoughts (or so I thought) when I dosed off with the "q" key depressed. Q thought that was a magnificent tribute to him as dozens of pages were filled with his name; he is still smiling, but a bit irritated that I deleted the incoherent mess and have started over.

As a change of pace I chose another image of Lo V our newest resident bobcat from a shot a few weeks ago. I am always in awe of the powerful legs that these beautiful predators have; engineered for survival and the ability to take down prey. Someday I am going to finish reading a book titled "Bobcat, Master of Survival" by Kevin Hansen. It is a treasure trove of information about bobcats but the reading flow is constantly interrupted by the insertion of complete annotation of source material within the text of the paragraph rather than footnoting it. I'll probably finish reading this and Brian Greene's "Fabric of the Cosmos: Space, Time and the Texture of Reality" at about the same time; the first because it is mired in annotations within text, the later because I struggle to understand the subject matter. My reading of mystery novels suffers.

A beautiful day underway, lots of photos, work on the book (yes it is well underway), a little law and lots of fun stuff. The ISO 100 group gathers tonight and life is good. We are blessed.

Share some laughter with someone today ... be glad you are not a rabbit in our neighborhood :-)