Sat, July 20

County Library District shares the wealth of reading

Yavapai County Free Library District (YCFLD) is a special district that was formed on June 1, 1987 by the Yavapai County Board of Supervisors. Town and community libraries that existed in Yavapai County voluntarily joined the YCFLD through Intergovernmental and service agreements to receive funding through taxes collected.

YCFLD is solely supported by a secondary property tax. The YCFLD libraries have grown from the original 14 to 20 public libraries. The YCFLD provides supplemental funding to libraries in incorporated cities or towns which is distributed according to an agreed upon formula. YCFLD is either a major or sole funder of libraries in unincorporated areas.

YCFLD is a funding agent and a participant in the Yavapai Library Network (YLN), which is a consortium of 40 plus public, school, academic, museum and special libraries whose combined collections number over a million items. The YLN members lend and borrow from each other; in this way Yavapai residents in even remote areas have quick access to materials only found in large or academic collections.

The YCFLD plays its part in the YLN by funding and running much of the complex automated system that is the heart of the YLN. It also provides a transit center where thousands of library materials are in transit every day. Various couriers pick up and deliver to YLN libraries the materials that patrons have requested. The ability to share items saves our libraries thousands of dollars each year. If a book cannot be found in the YLN union collection, Interlibrary loan services are provided for resource sharing worldwide.

YCFLD ensures that in small communities library patrons are provided with paid staff, computers with free Internet connectivity, office software, wireless connections for private laptops and electronic devices.

By purchasing books in bulk YCFLD libraries receive substantial discounts. The libraries choose their books, the YCFLD orders them in bulk, negotiates discounts and makes the books shelf ready.

Along with YLN members YCFLD helps pay for access to databases that provide a wide range of resources including magazine articles, business directories, practice tests for job skills, foreign language learning, car repair information, genealogy research and for homework help. Through subscriptions like ebrary and OverDrive patrons can “borrow” or listen to books using their own electronic devices. Go to for more information and connection to your local library.

Yavapai County prides itself on living within its means and wisely utilizing resources.

Today’s libraries in Yavapai County are strongly individualistic; each reflects the unique mixture of vision, dedication, generosity and sweat that built it.

They are there for you to enjoy thanks in no small measure to the unfailing contributions of numerous dedicated volunteers and Friends groups.