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CARROLLTON: Historic Settlement

Commercial buildings, agricultural structures, and residences located near the old county road (now, Main Street, near the intersection of Mingus, in Cottonwood).

After living on his homestead for 5 years or more, Thomas Carroll received a land patent for 156.25 acres on November 23, 1891.

The 1892 tax inventory for Thomas Carroll included: "stock of goods" for the store and "bar fixtures" for the saloon. Animals listed are: "2 stallions, 6 work horses, 12 saddle horses, 50 stock horses, and 100 cattle." There were 8 wagons, harnesses, and the hay press, etc., in addition to the land and improvements. (Prescott Weekly Courier; February 3, 1893; page 5.)

Thomas "Carroll runs a store at Carrollton, and has a ranch of about 60 acres where he raises hay, grain and live stock." (The Jerome Chronicle; April 20, 1895.) "Tom Carroll had a saloon on his place and there were some other buildings, one of which was a blacksmith shop," according to Charles Stemmer, who arrived in the Verde Valley on September 11, 1899. (Verde Copper News; September 11, 1925; page 3.)

"The old buildings that line the" east side of the road "just outside of Smelter City, are historic landmarks of the days when the country was truly wild." (Verde Copper News; June 15, 1923; page 4.)

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