Tue, Feb. 18

Letter: Slobbering love affair still alive and well among party loyalists


The Benghazi situation brings back memories of another time, another conflict, and I am not sure whether or not it was another enemy.

Our government expects loyalty from its citizens, employees, representatives and especially from its military and emergency personnel, but here I want to concentrate on the military because that, I am familiar with.

True respect is a two-way street. You should be respectful to anyone or any group that you expect to be respectful to you.

I know there is the thing about respecting the rating or position, which is important, although I equate that type of respect more as loyalty. You can have loyalty without respect, which sometimes gets people in trouble.

If a commander earns the respect of his subordinates, they will do amazing things to please him or her, whether the subordinates like the commander or not. The same can apply to one’s spouse, children or neighbors, as well as a nation.

Presently within the United States and in the Middle East, we have some of the same situation that became so obvious in the 1960s in Viet Nam. In the 1960s, I wrote and voiced a question: “How can the United States expect respect from the military personnel when our nation shows no respect for our military?” President Johnson’s order about identifying incoming enemy fire is a prime example, paraphrased, “If fired upon, do not return fire until you determine who fired at you, and why they fired at you.”

Military respect for President Johnson was extremely low at that time (still is) and though the position of president was respected, the man in that position was not.

Now we are looking at the same type situation; if our personnel are left to be slaughtered, who can reasonably expect respect from our service personnel toward this nation. Our national cheering, led by President Obama, about the killing of Bin Laden reminds me of the PLO cheering the Twin Towers falling on 9/11/2001. It’s an “in your face” thing that does nothing but incite rage and resentment within the opposition. In the case of the PLO, as soon as someone mentioned that they may lose the proposed financial aid from the United States, all those cheering appeared instantly to become contrite (The Moslem). The Muslim community has no other weapon than violence to threaten us with, and with the cozy relationship between our current presidential administration and the Muslims, the Radicals have no real fear of reprisal.

We have shown that we do not care what they say or do to us; however we are ultra-sensitive about what anyone here says or does to or about anything concerning the Islamic religion. Our foreign and domestic policies are extremely low and the slobbering love affair that Bernie Goldberg wrote about in his book is still alive and well among the party loyalists.

Dale Gohr


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