Sat, March 28


When I keep myself from the wilds, the sky and all the creatures that inhabit this wonderful planet we call home, I begin to lose perspective on what is important and the mind numbing dullness that is humanities political/civil structure creeps in and poisons the soul. So today it was back to the ponds and the gift that is life.

Spirits soared as we pulled into the parking lot and only one other car was there and the people were on the way back to their vehicle as I exited the van. It was late afternoon so I only armed myself with the 70/200 f2.8 lens and hoped I would get close enough to not wish I had brought more glass. The air was fresh and cool with a very light breeze; fall colors reflected in the water and recently fallen leaves crunched underfoot. It didn't really matter whether I saw anything or not as I felt alive and happy to be here. A bald eagle flew overhead and I got some nice shots of him and watched as he lit in a tree near the northwest end of the ponds joining his mate overlooking the area. I jumped some mallards and widgeons, saw redheads and bluebills ... a few coots for good measure. The elegant Great Blue Herons granted me some beautiful images and I also got some shots of the eagles. Stalking the eagles was a wee bit awkward as they had the high ground and unobstructed view of everything ... also I had half a dozen goats head burrs inside my shoe burying themselves in the arch and balls of my feet. I did get pretty close and I did get some nice shots so it was worth it. The eagles another night, tonight is for three mallards bursting into flight.

I just heard from a friend that I have not heard from in some time and he is settled into his new position as a "Domestic Engineer" at home on the great divide in snow country NSW/Victoria, Australia. I like the job description and methinks I am a bit of one too. Gary and another friend Butch in Tennessee I met through sales on eBay. They bought products from me that just didn't quite work, Garry an MP3 player and Butch a Nikon F2 ... the issues were resolved and we ended up friends. Someday I hope to meet both of them in person, but in the interim it is good to have them as friends. Life is good and we always find that which we seek out ... they say to be careful what you wish for, because you may just get it, but when it is beauty, love of your fellow man and the experience of all life and that which is beyond, why be careful ... go for it with zest and exuberance !!! Wish for it and seek it out with all that you have.

Into another week and Monday is a little further along than planned ... a little sleep ... a lot of espresso ... a day filled with joy and work.


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