Fri, Feb. 21

The pursuit

... of perfection ... I have several thousand shots of waterfowl that I truly like, but always the quest for a shot a little better than others you have taken already. On the way back from Cottonwood late afternoon I stopped at the ponds to take a walk and a little duck hunting in; with a camera of course. Today I had a little more glass with 280mm thanks to the series III 1.4 extender. Not a lot happening down there today, but I did get some nice shots of mallards and widgeons. I got this shot on my way out. A bunch of mallards were soaking up the last rays on a path separating two ponds and camera at my eye I began walking down the path and got quite a few nice shots as they flew down to the water. Milliseconds after I took this photo the hen at the right lifted off and I had all three in that frame too, but the greenheads wings were in an awkward looking position so it was scrapped.

Still soliciting new members for the list; currently 1407 and would like to hit 1500 by the end of the year. So if you have friends and family you are sharing these with and they would like to receive them directly please let me know. A welcome to the first person on the list who resides in France. Ingrid came to me via my friend Murray in Australia who hosted her and her family at his beach house in NSW ... he met her on a trip to France and when he was lost she gave him the directions he needed and they struck up a friendship. When you get away from the television, newspapers, magazines and all the commentators there is another life and group of people you never hear about and they are wonderful human beings who live lives at peace with themselves and others. There are also friends in Australia, Canada, England, Norway, Spain, Mexico, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Japan, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, South Africa, India and Russia on the list ... and friends in nearly every state of the USA. It is a blessing to hear from as many as I do. Life is a blessing ... we all get to enjoy the day knowing that throughout this world there are people who cherish the day and friends and family.

Another beautiful day now wrapped and Wednesday underway. Hope your day was as good as ours and that today you will have some joy and a few good laughs.



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