Tue, Feb. 18

silent wings

... stealth is an important ingredient in a successful hunt ...the slight whoosh sound that birds of prey make when on the attack is the last thing their prey ever hear and the cycle of life goes on. This Red-tailed Hawk is leaving its perch in the shot I took on a walk this morning; this time for another perch where he would not be disturbed by me. The Red-tailed Hawk is one of the most common hawks found in the USA and they do a good job eliminating rodents and other undesirables (unless you are one of them I guess). Red-tailed Hawks living in the wild can make it for more than twenty years; they are also the most favored bird in falconry.

A very good day and work on the portfolio continues ... another two thousand images sent into the digital abyss. Also I continue finding images I had forgotten and glad to find them again. Currently going through 2010 and the Olympus E-5 time period. Olympus makes great cameras and the largest part of my portfolio was shot with their bodies and lenses.

Time for a wrap on the day ... have a wonderful day ... be glad you don't have to look over your shoulder to see if a larger version of the Red-Tailed Hawk is looking to convert you to a meal! So if you hear a whoosh ......

Cheers, be well and be a blessing


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