Mon, March 30

Letter: Why Romney lost


There are four reasons that Mitt Romney lost the presidential election.

1. Elitism

The GOP is fundamentally an elitist political party that represents the interests of the wealthy elite and the Military Industrial Complex. It is painfully obvious that the GOP is the party of the wealthy elite. It is also evident that the GOP represents corporate [fascist] Big Business interests. Small business people should never make the mistake of believing that the GOP represents their best interest.

2. Racism

Beginning in 1968, with the candidacy of Richard M. Nixon [R], the modern GOP began a concerted and deliberate effort to reach out to disenchanted racists within the Democratic party and nationally, too, and embraced their racist ideations incorporating that racism into the GOP platform to gain political power.

I urge everyone to research the “Southern Strategy” by Googling it and/or reading about it.

3. Sexism

To some extent, the GOP has always been sexist. The origins of this date all the way back to the original “founding fathers” with their decision to treat women as chattel. Women in America under our original US Constitution faired somewhat better than the slaves owned by the racist founders of the republic but not by very much. Women were property, too. That sexist ideation has changed very little over the years and the GOP remains a party dedicated to the domination and control of every aspect of women’s lives, particularly their reproductive processes.

Sadly, 45 percent of women voters voted for Mitt Romney, the sexist candidate.

4. Religious Fanaticism

Interestingly, in conjunction with the racism that became part and parcel of the modern GOP, so did religious fanaticism. This is a rather complex issue and it is difficult to reduce it a simple explanation.

The danger of over simplification cannot be overstated and therefore rather than try to delve into the complexity of this issue, it is better to merely state that religious fanaticism and racism in America have become so intertwined as to be virtually indistinguishable from each other.

In fact, there has always been a marriage of sorts between racism and religious fanaticism in America. With the introduction of slavery into America beginning in 1619, as the slave trade accelerated the determination to justify it based upon pseudo religious grounds accelerated, too, and slavery was codified into law in the original US Constitution.

Of course, this led to a more fanatic expression of alleged “Christian” dogma necessitated by the desire to justify an alleged Christian faith while simultaneously engaging in the buying, selling, trading and trafficking in human beings. This was something recognized by genuine Christians as completely antithetical to their faith.

Therefore, without too much elaboration, it is clear that the modern GOP has devolved under the domination and control of neoconservative leadership into a fascist party that expresses the core values of its voter base.

Entire treatises have been written on the relationship in America between racism and religious fanaticism. The interrelationship between these to extremes is well documented in countless historical reference books.

The four extremisms that represent the heart and soul of the modern GOP have rendered those who remain in the GOP deaf, dumb and blind to the political reality that no political party in America can sustain itself by reliance of such extremism.

Mitt Romney was doomed from the outset. Only 20 percent of the nation, approximately 57 million voters, ascribe to the elitist, racist, sexist and religious fanaticism of the GOP.

Of course, those influenced by such extremist ideation, principally children, are not included in that 20 percent figure. The indoctrination of children into racist ideation by parents, and mentors is not reflected in the popular vote.

It was predictable that the GOP had no real chance of winning the presidency given this irrefutable data. The GOP has always been a minority party. It has always relied upon the votes of unaffiliated voters infected with the virus of extremism to gain political power.

Furthermore, the reason this seems so contradictory in America is very simple. Pockets of racism exist. Places, like the Verde Valley, where the dominate ideation is racist and it distorts for them the reality that their racist ideation represents a minority opinion.

I guess one could reliably say that, “birds of a feather flock together” and thus this leads to the distorted assumption in racist communities that their racism predominates on the national level.

In other words, because they have congregated [geographically speaking] in the same area and represent in that limited area the majority view in that limited area they mistakenly ass-u-me that their racist view is shared throughout the remainder of America.

I cannot think of a worse candidate for the GOP to have presented to the American electorate than Mitt Romney. He was so utterly lacking in any moral character that it was inevitable that rational [those not infected with the virus of racism/extremism] thoughtful voters would reject him.

Ironically, in seeking political power to implement its corporate [fascist] agenda the GOP has become “hoist of it own petard” because by embracing racism, sexism and religious fanaticism and commingling it with elitism the devolution of the GOP into a minority “cult”/party was inevitable.

In conclusion, it was GOP/neoconservative EXTREMISM that was rejected on November 6, 2012 by the American people.

For me, it is very reassuring that the extremism I encounter on a daily basis in the Verde Valley has been collectively rejected by the American people.

John A. Bond


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