Mon, Feb. 24


... was another in a long string of nice days; cannot remember one that was not. The usual work on the collection most of the day and then around three thirty I headed down to the new wetlands of 89A. Yesterday I got there late and did not have a chance to try and work it. Today I got to work each of the ponds and since the sun was low in the sky I worked it from the south to the north to keep the sun on my back and shoot away from the sun ... not exactly a success. The ponds are stacked from north to south with each pond lower than the previous one as you go south. The reeds and grasses tend to obscure the view as you shoot towards the north, but if you shoot towards the south you risk sun flares and all the other stuff. Likely next time I'll try morning and work it north to south as I think results will be better. That said, the waterfowl are extremely skittish which is probably a result of being shot at all the way south. Survivors tend to get up a long way off ... perhaps that will change as the winter progresses. Perhaps not. Also not sure how good it will be when a lot of people begin coming in there at the same time ... the ponds may empty except for early morning and late evening. Anyhow, it is beautiful and highly recommend it as a place to visit and shoot. I do believe that 400mm glass is the minimum useful lens there; 600mm or 800mm glass would be better and as much as I dislike them it is a place that a tripod might work best given the size of glass needed.

I took this shot at the new wetlands today and I love that the area is designated wetlands with all native type vegetation ... this is what the area was designed for as opposed to Bubbling Ponds which is primarily fish ponds and tougher to get good shots with vegetation in the background. The new ponds are a tranquil place and I love the feel ... now to learn how to work it :+)

This is it for the week, Friday is here and the busy holiday days are upon us. Take some time to stay in touch with the quiet beauty that is everywhere you look ... take the time to see it and experience it. Back on Monday ... peace be yours and enjoy life ... you can only do it today!



PS Again, please add both and to your safe senders list to avoid having these missives bounced, rejected et all

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