Fri, Jan. 17

Candidates to be available for Q&A Oct. 8 in Old Town

With an important election coming up, it's important to know what the issues are and where the candidates stand on them. Arizona and the Verde Valley have a number of issues and candidates to learn about. Running for the State legislature in the newly formed district that now covers all Verde Valley plus Flagstaff and points north are Brenda Barton and Robert Thorpe on the Republican ticket and Angela LeFevre and Doug Ballard on the Democratic side.

Running for State senate for our district is Tom Chabin, Democrat, and Chester Crandall, Republican.

Besides voting for candidates, Arizonans will also be asked to vote on nine ballot propositions. It's important to read the pamphlet that has been mailed to you. In particular a ballot measure to turn over all Arizona's National Parks to the State of Arizona needs to be widely discussed. Known colloquially as "Prop 120," this would effectively enable the State to turn over the Grand Canyon and all other National Parks to the State of Arizona to bid out to mining and timber industries and other private businesses. Every environmental State organization is strongly opposed to this along with most fiscally responsible groups who wonder how Arizona (which has trouble funding its own State Parks) would be able to pay for the additional running of National Parks like Grand Canyon and others.

Meet and talk to candidates LeFevre and Ballard on Monday Oct. 8, 2:30 p.m. at Adventures Unlimited Books in Old Town Cottonwood., 1020 N. Main St. This is a unique chance for the people of Cottonwood and other areas to ask questions or speak to the candidates about their own issues.

For further information call (928) 639-1664.

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