Mon, Nov. 18

the edge

... of time, reality and back to my mind's eye. The caldera of the San Francisco Peaks was absolutely blazing with color yesterday, but because of the Sedona runways being closed at six pm I didn't get a chance to get a closer look at the colors./ However between myself and NASA I was able to get a hint of the magnificent colors hidden from view by the peaks. Stands of aspen glowed in yellow cascading down the mountain slopes ... and it was good.

This is a view of the San Francisco Peaks from the SW looking towards the NE. The late afternoon sun on the slopes created wondrous colors in the stands of aspen and the low angle of the sun emphasizes the shadows and the contours on the mountain sides ... it was a beautiful day.

This morning I flew into Flagstaff and picked up the Lowell Observatory videographer and he and I went and got footage of all three of their facilities; hopefully it all turned out. I didn't do any shooting today, but am returning to the peaks and elsewhere to shoot the fall foliage again. It is so good this year I do not want to miss any of it because it will be gone so soon.

Hope you enjoy the beauty of this composition ... have a great day.


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