Thu, Oct. 17


... sometimes we all need a bit of it and last night I decided to take a few minutes around one in the morning and next thing I knew it was four thirty in the morning ... so I rolled over and got some more sleep ... no photo got worked on and none went out. In and amongst other things yesterday was the sixth straight day I was flying and the last flight yesterday was back up to the peaks for my final shooting of the fall colors. Still beautiful, but definitely on the wane ... and all the smoke from the USFS prescribed burns west of Flagstaff does nothing for the air quality ... sort of a mask hiding much of the beauty that is there.

Decided I needed a change of pace so on the way home from Cottonwood this afternoon I stopped by the ponds for a walk and a shoot. Just a handful of northern ducks have arrived and the locals preferred to waddle into the ponds than fly; but a few flew. Also I finally got a few decent shots of redwing blackbirds. I like the flying of the blackbirds especially the one on the left, he was dancing and having fun. The mallard landing was beautiful and the braking action of her wings was striking to see as she begins to settle into the water. Anyhow, hope you enjoy the shots ... who knows what will go out tomorrow :-) more shared beauty found on planet earth.

Nearing the end of the week and it has been a good one; Susan, Ted and the lovely Miss Annika arrive tomorrow for a short visit so a wonderful day for sure. Hope your week is going well too and you are receiving and sharing a few smiles. Still trying to catch up with emails, but likely never will so please be patient as I do reply to nearly all emails.

Cheers, our lives are blessed


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