Tue, April 07

Letter: Ronald Reagan had to be rolling in his grave


I do not know if anyone else noticed, but during the presidential “debate” Mitt Romney accused President Obama of practicing “trickle down economics” and repudiated it as a destructive policy that was “crushing the middle class” under the weight of such harsh economic policies.

As he engaged in this 360 degree “flip flop,” the building began to shake. It was not from the thunderous applause of those who agreed with him, though. No, indeed, the audience sat in shock, amazed that GOP candidate Mitt Romney was repudiating the iconic leader of the Reagan Revolution, with its “trickle down” economic policy dubbed “Reaganomics.”

The building was shaking because Ronald, the Gipper, Reagan let out a huge moan and rolled over in his grave. Not even he could believe the utter betrayal of his infamous Revolution by none other than the GOP candidate for President.

As the building shook and the people looked around in desperation for the exits, suddenly the tremor ended just as quickly as it had begun and everyone returned to their seats to witness the end of the very exclusionary and elitist “debate” manufactured by the two dominant parties in America.

Not even the exasperation of the long dead icon Ronald Reagan could disrupt the theatre show. It finally, mercifully came to an end, the two candidates smiled politely, shook each other’s hand for a “job well done”, and everything remained the same.

Meanwhile, on Link TV, another debate was taking place that included alternative candidates that were deliberately excluded from the two-party presidential debate by design.

And so it goes, and so it goes, the more things change the more they stay the same and America’s devolution into fascism continues unabated by truth, or justice or democracy.

John A. Bond


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