Sat, April 04

Some days

... the best part of it is that is done and a new day is replacing the old ... it is more of a continuation in reality but being human seems a good thing to have a beginning and ending. So we are into the new day and what better way to celebrate it than to have a little fireworks display, music to accompany it and then to reflect on the beauty that is earth and the remnants of the party. I took this shot of Sunset Crater a few weeks ago and it is the volcanic remains of an eruption dating back a little less than a thousand years. Bet the display was beautiful when it blew and that which is left is remarkably beautiful. There is a road that goes around the base and off to the right of the photograph a parking lot. I've only been there by air but I imagine it is quite beautiful from the ground too.

Time for some rest; Corky has a luncheon in Flagstaff tomorrow and maybe we can take a drive up to Sunset Crater afterwards.

Have a wonderful day and should perchance you deem it a lousy day, just kick back, listen to some good music and stare at this photo and dream on all that was and will be again. Our presence is not required for the unfolding of the universe, but I'm thankful for the opportunity to witness a small part of it.



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