Tue, March 31


... after twenty plus years of living here I finally made it to Sunset Crater Volcano. It seemed a bit odd to me to label it a crater volcano because I have always associated the word crater with the resultant depression in the surface after the impact of a meteorite. Much to my surprise the latter is the secondary and tertiary meaning in the Merriam Webster and Bing Dictionaries. Primary meaning is the bowl shaped depression around the orifice of a volcano. Nice to finally get it right. Anyhow, after Corky's luncheon at Forest Highlands we headed out for the adventure to see Sunset Crater from the ground. The photo tonight was shot a few miles from Sunset Crater and its shows well; need to shoot it in the Spring too when the meadow is green. I did the lava flow walk and got many nice shots, but that is too close to get the overall view of it. Many more things to see there and return trips on the ground are planned ... and from the air too ... that is home.

Time for some rest and then the requisite six shots of espresso to get the day back on track. Heading towards the weekend and looking forward to it. Have a wonderful day ... I'll be working on (playing is more how it seems) a lot of photos today so life is good. Corky's pressure ulcer is finally healing nicely too ... many thanks to the nice folks at Northern Arizona Home Healthcare who do so much for us.

Cheers ... if you are reading this you are still breathing too ... ain't life grand!


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