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New Cottonwood Youth Advisory meets council

Courtesy photo<br>
Cottonwood Youth Advisory Commission

Courtesy photo<br> Cottonwood Youth Advisory Commission

COTTONWOOD -- The Cottonwood City Council has confirmed Cottonwood Youth Advisory Commission members for the new year, as well as an adult advisor. Six new members were presented to the Council during last Tuesday's regular meeting. The Cottonwood Youth Advisory Commission is a panel of local youth who work closely with the Council on matters concerning Cottonwood youth.

The new members are Marshal Shill, Wyatt Midkiff, Sirilake Saengsawang, Carrington Midkiff, Rachel Valentine, and Krista Marie Earl. Britney Lawler was announced as the additional adult advisor.

Many applications were turned in for eight spots. After scoring their paperwork, the Commission interviewed applicants and ranked their answers. The new members were selected based on their scores. The final step was to present the new members to the Council for final approval.

Speaking to the council, the new members shared why they wanted to serve on the board. Mingus High School Junior Marshal Shill, explained, "I have always wanted to serve in the community and I couldn't think of a better way to do it." A sophomore at Mingus, Sirilak Saengsawang, said she wanted to join "to be a better person to others and myself by helping the community." Rachel Valentine, a Clarkdale-Jerome Middle School 8th grader said, "I want to help out my community and make a difference."

The Cottonwood Youth Advisory Commission holds monthly meetings open to the public. If you are interested in becoming a member or know somebody that might be interested, applications are distributed and accepted in September. If you would like to volunteer with the Commission, please contact the Recreation Center at 928-639-3200.

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