Wed, July 17


... where I fly from ... this afternoon I wanted to reshoot a project for the Sedona Airport Authority as I was not pleased with the results of a previous shoot that I had done with a 50mm lens. The lens came to me in need of help but I had already done a number of photo assignments before I realized it had issues. Oh well, Canon took care of the problem for me, returned it and it is comfortably residing in my lens drawer waiting for the day I am willing to risk using it on an aerial shoot that I may not be able to reshoot. In the interim I continue to use one of my 24mm-70mm lenses for aerial work. This is a view from about 7500' msl perhaps 2nm WSW of Sedona Airport looking to the ENE. Foreground to the left side of the image is part of West Sedona and a little below center left you can see where SR 89A comes into the photo; the right foreground has some beautiful undulations in the terrain and the loop road is somewhere down there. Wending its way from the left to the right is Oak Creek and Oak Creek Canyon begins upper left in the image. Looking beyond airport mesa is SR 179, the Chapel area and towards the right Courthouse Rock, Bell Rock and Castle Rock on the far right upper quadrant ... we live a little further to the right of that in the Village ... 3.8nm to the GPS coordinates of the airport. On the Colorado Plateau between the rocks and horizon you can see numerous volcanic cones dotting the landscape. This is the South West ... you can see forever, visually, into the past and into the future ... I love it here. Didn't much feel like landing, but duties and responsibilities were calling and I did get the shots I needed and they are good ... a deli sandwich from Basha's for dinner as we watched King Arthur ... the director's cut and a less than glamorized version. Probably close to the realities of the times.

We're into the weekend ... Friday is a little further along than I wish ... a few hours of sleep ... the requisite six shots of espresso and a beautiful day will continue. Back Monday morning and hope that you and yours have a weekend filled with joy ... receive it and share it with others.

Cheers ... still breathing ... choice of outlook is ours.