Fri, Jan. 17

Pet supplies for Villagers

VOC finally has its own pet shop again, a new shop established by an old friend.

Roxanne Genaro opened Feathers & Fur in the Castle Rock Plaza on 179. Many of us know her from the pet store in the outlets that closed some months ago.

Roxanne has devoted her life to helping both people and animals get through life. Her house is a haven for rescued animals, and her compassion for people is equally boundless.

She came to us from Florida where she was a ceramics artist. The West Indies Trading Co. saw her work and offered her a shop in the American Virgin Islands where she lived and worked for 10 years.

There she was drafted by the US Government to teach ceramics to high risk children on the island where her love and art turned many of those children around. A family background in construction gave her skills in sheet rock and tile which she employed to help the islands’ rebuilding effort after Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Roxanne’s love of animals, especially birds, stems from a life’s journey with far more than its share of personal tragedies. Her birds gave her the solace she that enabled her to avoid bitterness and keep giving to others.

In fact, more than a few Villagers have received considerable comfort from ownership of her feathered friends. Roxanne raises them from eggs; so they’re all American citizens.

They think she’s Mom and they’re little people. Currently she and her bird buddies volunteer for the Kids and Critters Camp at the Sedona Humane Society.

Because of the friends she made at the old VOC pet shop, Roxanne was brokenhearted when it closed. It was a sad day for us and our pets who enjoyed seeing her there. Our poodle refused to shop anywhere else.

Then Elaine Caughlin, bookkeeper and bird owner friend of Roxanne’s, suggested that they partner to give VOC a quality pet store. Feathers & Fur was born.

Keeping with Roxanne’s concern for animals, the shop offers only US made, human grade products. She won’t sell you anything for your pet that she has not researched, and she is picky. She just told me that our high end dog food brand was recently purchased by a large corporation that has a history of downgrading ingredients. Our poodle was appalled, but Roxanne assured her that she was monitoring the situation.

The shop also features a grooming service by Dianne and Al who Roxanne selected for their 30+ years of experience and their gentleness and patience with animals.

If you don’t already know Roxanne, bring your pet by Feathers & Fur. You’ll make a new friend. Those of us that know her are already there.

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