Tue, April 07

Letter: Old actors never die either


In a lifetime of memorable political moments that are attributable to American Political Conventions, I think the most recent event involving movie actor Clint Eastwood at the GOP Convention in Tampa, Florida stands out as the most memorable to me.

Not only did Clint Eastwood embarrass himself with his monologue with an empty chair, He managed to overshadow the acceptance speech of Willard “Mitt” Romney in the process.

The 2012 GOP Convention will be remembered for the miscreant behavior of a doddering old fool rather than any memorable speech delivered by Mitt Romney setting for his “vision” for America.

I can think of only one other B movie actor who embarrassed himself more in the political arena. That actor, who enjoyed an eight-year role as our POTUS was Ronald, the Gipper, Reagan.

Clearly senile in his second term in office, Ronald Reagan was an extreme embarrassment to America.

Now, in 2012, the memory of a feeble, old movie actor speaking incoherently to an empty chair is forever etched in the mind of the American voter.

Moreover, Clint Eastwood, in his greatest role, was emblematic of the modern GOP.

By speaking to an empty chair, allegedly representative of President Obama, Clint Eastwood managed to inflame the racist base of the GOP conventioneers with rabid shouts of “Make My Day” echoing throughout the convention center from his devout fans.

He tried, unsuccessfully [the chair won] to portray our POTUS as the stereotypical “angry black male” with his inference that President Obama would use the “F” word to address his feelings about Mitt Romney.

Does anyone remember the acceptance speech of Mitt Romney? Can anyone tell me what his “vision” for America is based upon from that speech?

Maybe that was the whole point of Mr. Eastwood’s performance. He was there to serve as a distraction from the lack of substance in Mitt Romney and the fact that his “vision” for America, is identical to the vision presented to America from his GOP predecessor George W. Bush [Bush II, the war criminal].

There is not one scintilla of difference between the policies of a Romney/Ryan presidency and the policies and programs implemented for eight, torturous unforgettable years of the Bush/Cheney administration.

We, the people are still suffering from the devastating effects of the “Bush years”. We are still, in large part owing to GOP congressional obstructionism, trying to dig ourselves out from the economic disaster that the Bush Years heaped upon us.

Two unfunded wars, egregious tax breaks for the wealthy elite and corporations, unfunded Medicare Part D, and Wall Street and the banks derivative fraud brought America and the world to the brink of the Great Depression II.

That is the same vision Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have for America and the world.

Their “vision” is the completion of the infamous Reagan Revolution under the auspices of the economic “theory” known as “reaganomics” which warms the cockles of every neo-liberal [in America they call themselves neoconservatives] in the world.

It is said, “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” Well, old actors never die either, they just make fools of themselves on the world stage by supporting an amoral political party that lacks genuine moral force and whose only “vision” is the restoration of the wealthy elite into complete domination of the planet.

John A. Bond


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