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1885: OUR CATTLE INTERESTS; September 5, 1885; Part 2.

"The growing wealth of the Verde Valley is well known throughout Northern Arizona. ... A correspondent writing in the New Mexico "Stock Grower," gives a detailed report of the stock enterprise of that locality, from which we quote:"

Continued list of cattle raisers:

"J. C. Bristow is finely situated on the river, where he has a good ranch and 250 head of cattle on the range adjoining. Mr. Bristow has a large and interesting family, and everything about his place indicates comfort and happiness."

"At the military post we find W. S. Head in charge of the store, which is run by W. S. & C. P. Head. These gentlemen are old-time residents of northern Arizona, and were formerly in business in Prescott. They have been prominently identified with the progress of Arizona, and have been very successful in all business enterprises. In addition to their store these gentlemen have a splendid range on Clear Creek on which they have quite a stock of cattle, from which they fill the contract at the post at $8.50 per 100 on the block."

"Chas. Ryall, south of the post, has a nice little bunch of cattle, well graded up with Hereford bulls. His herd numbers 100 head."

"Jordan Brothers, by good management and hard work, in eight years accumulated 100 head of fine horses, 100 head of improved cattle, two good ranches and a grist mill."

"John Davis has 30 head of horses, 100 head of cattle and 100 acres of highly cultivated land, with a fine vineyard and an abundance of peaches, apples, apricots and pears in his orchard."

"John Woods commenced about ten years ago with twenty-five head of cattle and now has 400 head on his range and has a beautiful home with a fine farm planted with alfalfa and grain. He also has a splendid orchard and vineyard."

"James Brown threshes all the grain raised in the valley, owns two good ranches and has 100 head of cattle."

"W. G. Wingfield runs 300 head of cattle and has the best improved ranch in the prolific and beautiful Verde valley. He lives on Clear Creek, a tributary of the Verde. He has a fine farm fenced with stone, and in connection a fine orchard, where is grown all kinds of fruits."

"David Hurst, on Clear Creek, commenced seven years ago with 100 head of cattle on credit. By close application to business he now has accumulated 1,400 head, and ranges on location in the mountains near Fossil Creek."

"Charles Morris, whose range is on Clear Creek and the Verde, has 260 head of good cattle and a well improved ranch."

"Lewis M. Turner runs about 100 head on his range on Clear Creek."

"Walker & Ackers, on Beaver Creek above Camp Verde, have 1,500 head of cattle, and 150 head of blooded horses. Their range runs to the Mogollon mountains, fifteen miles distant, where they have two lakes and a well."

"Brannen, Finney & Brannen run 400 head of cattle on their range, which extends to the Mogollon mountains, where they have three good springs. The Brannens are the principal business men of Flagstaff."

"Mehrens & Sherman have 1,000 head of cattle and 70 head of fine horses."

"Robinson & Marksbury run 300 head of cattle in the Verde mountains, ten miles west of the valley. They own some fine running horses, among them the fastest quarter horse in the territory. He is a chestnut sorrel called "Crowder," from Pointer stock; was raised in Missouri by Kearlett; is six years old, and his owners challenge any horse in the territory to run against him."

"James Smith owns a fine ranch on Clear Creek, which he is preparing to stock this fall."

"Hicks & Duncan run 500 head of cattle about thirty-five miles east of Clear Creek and are improving a number of claims on the Verde."

(The Arizona Champion; September 5, 1885; page 1.)

"Notice to Stockmen. At a meeting of the stockmen of the Mogollon mountains and adjacent country, held at Merian's ranch, it was decided to commence the roundup on September 25th, at Mund's mountain ranch, and go from there in a southerly direction to Buckhorn. It was also decided to commence the Verde Valley and Oak Creek district on November 1st, commencing at Dougherty's ranch, from there to Spring Creek, thence to Willard's on the Verde; from there down the river." (The Arizona Champion; September 5, 1885.)

"On Tuesday last the new stock law passed by the legislature, went into effect. From that time any stock man who has not one bull to every twenty-five head of cows, is subject to arrest, and upon conviction, to a fine of $1,000." (The Arizona Champion; September 5, 1885.)

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